2017 American Schooner Association Annual Meeting

2017-02-04 10:00

Annual Meeting Weekend Overview

Friday, Feb 3

All hands gam

Conference room, Hampton Inn & Suites Mystic
6 Hendel Dr, Mystic, CT

1700 (give or take),

Come join us for an evening of tall tales, tall drinks and great camaraderie. I great way to start the weekend meeting. Bring along you instruments and voices and join in!

Saturday, Feb 4

American Schooner Association Annual Meeting

Latitude 41° Restaurant and Tavern
101 Greenmanville Avenue, Mystic, CT

0900       Coffee and pastries

1000       Meeting comes to order

1100       (time approximate after close of meeting) social hour before lunch and presentation

1200       Lunch

1300       Whit Perry, Mayflower II presentation


Collins Gallery in the new Thompson Exhibition Building
Mystic Seaport

1500       Tour SeaChange, the inaugural exhibit in the.

A range of striking, surprising, and unusual objects drawn from the rich collections of Mystic Seaport. Each is a survivor of the past that speaks to a notable transformation—in material, technology, the sea itself, or the broader American culture over the past 200 years.

Saturday Night Gathering

1900       Conference room, Hampton Inn & Suites Mystic


Picking off where we left off Friday night