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We did go to the Gloucester Schooner Races and raced on Green Dragon with Al Bezanson -
a perfect sunny day with winds 15 - 20 with gusts to 25.
Virginia won the big class again followed closely by American Eagle and Alabama.

Lannon finally won the under 85' class followed by Appledore and Adventurer.

Whaleship Lagoda - obscure rigger stuff

The model I am working on at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, a half scale model of a whaleship built in 1915 by some whaleship builders, is really an interesting record. We have found a couple of things that are new to us. One was a unique way to finish off and eyesplice. It isn't in any book, and our big reference is Ashley's book of Knots - with about 4000 of them.

New Bedford

Working full time on the whaleship model at the whaling museum in New Bedford- 1/2 scale. Some of the Chesapeake crowd stopped up Sunday. Was on a real whaleship, the Charles Morgan, after the Mystic meeting on Sat. A 1/2 scale model is pretty big - but it is half scale in all dimensions, which makes it much smaller than the real thing. It is over 100 ft. overall and 59 ft on deck.

Voyager 9 3/4

Sam is out of the hospital and recovering nicely at home.
I did an article with photos on the website. Click on

Voyager Transatlantic 9 1/2

We arrived in Antigua on Sunday in the early afternoon. Sam flew to NYC on Monday and was admitted to the hospital for broken ribs and a few other things. He will fill you in.
It was a great trip except for his injury. Voyager is about the finest example of boatbuilding and woodworking that I have ever seen. The only thing better was the stories from their trips.

Schooner Fred

Going Sailing

Sam Hoyt and I hit the sailing lottery. Peter and Jeanette Phillips needed a crew right away for a sail and we were available. We are flying to the Canary Islands Sunday April 1 (no fooling) to help sail Voyager to Antigua. The usual route is to head south toward Cape Verde, then catch the tradewinds West.

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