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The Trip 'Round Revillagigedo Island

It's been awhile since we've posted here -- much has happened and while we keep the Mahdee blog up-to-date I must admit we've been dismal correspondents here.  Let's see--after "North and More North," we made a nice trip into Ketchikan, Alaska.  We found Alaska chock-full of "empty" places to be.  Mooring balls in the middle of nowhere (thank you, United States Forest Service) and f

North and more North

What do you get when you take a sailing couple with their classic schooner, the ship’s cat, and a tag-along bird watcher out into the North Pacific Ocean to sail from San Francisco, CA to undefined “points North” in March?

Eggshells, Witches, & Sailors

In the 1500′s, it was a common superstition that if you didn’t break up a eggshell after emptying it of the egg, a witch would snatch it up, use it as a boat, sail out to sea, and cast spells that would cause storms and sink ships! In the 1840′s the Irish who emigrated to America would break eggshells to keep the Irish Fairies who’d accompanied them to America from going home by eggshell boat.

Welcome New Year

I thought I'd drop by and say Happy New Year to all the ASA members.  We'll try, this year, 2014, to be more active here and make blog posts from time to time.   A few pics are attached.  During 2013, we were able to spend some great time coast-wise sailing in late winter from San Francisco to San Diego, visiting the Channel Islands and then returning in summer to the Bay area.

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