Cruising in Coral

After more than three years on board Argos and sailing more than half way around Australia we have, over the last few weeks, been developing a whole new skill set - cruising around reefs!

Brisbane Australia

We always knew that sailing into Brisbane would represent a major milestone for us – another major city reached – but also a gateway then for some of the most fun sailing we hope to do, up and around the Great Barrier Reef.

Unforeseen benefit of membership to AMA

I have been recieving valuable tidbits of information from past owners of my Schooner Saltwind along with photos and stories of her exploits and famous guests aboard.


I appreciated the website working again so we can upload new info and updates of progress!  Encourage your friends to join up today!


It's another beautiful sunny day in Coffs Harbour! We have been here just on a month now - an unscheduled, unexpected but quite glorious stop!

We arrived, limped in with a problem with the starter moor, expecting maybe to stop for a week or so to get it fixed before heading off to Iluka, our next planned stop. Ah the plans of sailors!

North and more North

What do you get when you take a sailing couple with their classic schooner, the ship’s cat, and a tag-along bird watcher out into the North Pacific Ocean to sail from San Francisco, CA to undefined “points North” in March?

Old engines

It is exactly one week now since we departed Crowdy Head and set off for Coffs Harbour. It has been a week like many others, peaceful and serene but punctuated by moments of such intense stress!

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