I've been thinking about adding blogging functionality to this site, and have a test version up and running (for myself only at this point). For the benefit of those who are not familiar with blogging: a blog is an online journal, a place for a user to post about topics of particular interest to him- or herself.


Brad Ives of Deepwater Ventures is one of our supporters - he supplies some great lumber and is a first class guy to deal with. He also has a cargo boat called Kwai - a cargo ship he is changing into a sailboat and going to work with it. His Kwai website is Very interesting reading - from a guy who is out there and doing it.

Sweethearts of the Caribbean race - 10 years ago

My first time in the Caribbean on a big schooner was on the Spirit of Massachusetts, the 100 ft schooner that is used mostly as a Sailing School Vessel. I wrote it up in some of the old Wing and Wings. Spirit did a 9-week trip with Long Island University students from Boston south in the fall. Then they picked up some charters in the middle of the winter and around the end of Feb, more students flew down to join the boat for classes and after heading down as far as Dominica, they sailed back to LI.

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