The joy of living aboard

A lot has happened since my last post here, and I have gone on to update the situation, but then everything has changed and I have waited to update when things have become clearer!


Things that go bump

A little over a month ago we were sailing into Sydney Harbour, on what had started out a grey and overcast day with a smattering of rain, that had turned into the glorious day we had hoped for.

Welcome New Year

I thought I'd drop by and say Happy New Year to all the ASA members.  We'll try, this year, 2014, to be more active here and make blog posts from time to time.   A few pics are attached.  During 2013, we were able to spend some great time coast-wise sailing in late winter from San Francisco to San Diego, visiting the Channel Islands and then returning in summer to the Bay area.

New years eve

When we set off from Albany 2 ½ years ago, crossing the Bight, starting out on our intended circumnavigation, one goal we held very firmly in our minds was to be in Sydney Harbour on New Years Eve and to participate in our nation’s biggest celebration.

Will your anchor hold?

When we first started sailing my Peter's uncle who had been a keen sailor and had owned a couple of yachts, told us that to him sailing was something like 85% sheer fun, 10% hard stuff and 5% you don't want to talk about.

Life is good

It’s nearly a week now since we had our last Epic Milestone day where we sailed into Sydney harbour!

Sydney is one of my favourite places to visit and it has been even better being here on the harbour!

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