I have awoken this morning feeling as if I am in a tropical rain forest, to the sounds of exotic birds calling their morning hellos and to the sound of water running close by, as if a waterfall was close. I felt as if I was dreaming of some place I have never been, but heard of in a movie or book and then, as I opened my eyes and allowed myself to become conscious I remembered.


When we came in to Jervis Bay I had an idea of long walks on the beach in the evenings, the children off exploring in their kayaks and latte-sipping afternoons of peaceful tranquillity. Hmm, well there have been some of those moments but over the last 7 days I must say I have been surprised with the conditions in what I thought of as a boater’s paradise!

Jervis bay

I was up on deck last night, just before climbing into bed, checking the mooring as you do, listening to the sound of the waves nearby crashing onto the beach, looking up and seeing the star-lit sky.

It still takes my breath away. I guess it always will.

Up the east coast of Australia

We set sail on Sunday morning, after waiting for the tide to come up sufficiently to get us safely over the bar, about 11 am, in what seemed to be the perfect conditions. The sun was glorious, blue sky, 10 knots of wind from the south - perfect! Who could ask for more!

Boat builder

It was just after 6.30 am on Tuesday morning when Peter first handed me the iPad and said, as I was busily preparing his lunch before he set out for work, ‘Here – You have to read this.’


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