Dreams ? Part 2


Gloucester Schooner Festival - News Release

There is still plenty of time to get your schooner to Gloucester for THE EVENT.    Twenty-three schooners have signed up.  Late entries are welcome!  (Just give us some notice.)

See today's news release from Maritime Gloucester.

Al Bezanson

The Great Australian Bight 2011

I have never been fond of numbers. I don’t like them - they don’t behave as I expect them to – they add up to different things each time I do the same sum, they dance around on the page ,mocking me in their apparent orderliness. People have long told me that numbers are reliable, true, exact and logical – but they have never been that for me!

NSSA Race Week

NSSA Race Week just wrapped up and it was, as usual, one of the great events on the schooner calendar. Those of you who haven't been there should add it to your bucket list! Aug 4, 2014, in Chester, NS. 

More photos are available here


PS- And I'm not just sayin' this 'cause COMET II was flyin' this week!

The too hard basket

There have been a few things accumulating in our ‘too hard basket’ since that wondrous day we stepped aboard Argos for the first time. The electricity and wiring has definitely been one of them.



We were asked recently, in a comment here, what had happened to our dream. It made me stop and think for a minute..….and wonder what was even behind the question.

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