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You may have noticed that very few members are blogging here.  It turns out that blogging requires permission in a user's settings.  Thanks to "windage" for this info.

If you wish to start a blog and have any difficulty please contact me at A2atSchooner39dotcom.

Al Bezanson


website is back !

Email your schooner friends and let them know !

Spring W&W Available


The Spring 2013 issue of Wing and Wing is out and is available in the Members-Only area. To access it you must have (1) registered on this website and (2) let me know what your user name is so I can grant you access to the Member-Only area. If you are not an ASA Member and would like to gain access, please click here and consider joining us!

Website Rejiggered

Hi Everyone-

The website has been moved to a new host and updated to newer software. We very much hope that it is now operating as it should be and that you can all now post/join/rant as needed!

Our apologies for all the difficulties that you have faced over the past year. 

Post away!!!

~Alex Rhinelander, Peter Thompson, Al Bezanson
Webmasters, ASA

46' Rosborough Schooner Brig "Megan D"

I just purchased the Megan D and will begin a total restoration. It will be in Swantown Marina in Olympia Washington repair yard for re-planking and bottom work.

This is The Rosborough design of "Distant Star" with modifications as ordered by the Dorman family.

Any information, advice, comments, etc that anyone knows about this little ship would be greatly appreciated.

Elf Classic Race

Attention midatlantic Schoonerbums! Saturday the 18th of May is the third annual Elf Classic Race. Goes from Annapolis to St. Michaels Maritime Museum. Should be lots of classic boats involved, including a schooner or two. Its a great event and a great party in the afternoon. Be there or be square! (When was the last time you heard that?)
Barnacle Bill

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