A Message from the Commodore

Fatality in the GCBSR

The tragic death of Steve Case in the recent Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race should serve as a serious lesson for all of us. And that lesson, as admirably stated on our website by John Eginton and Greg DeCowsky, should be that safety at sea is too often not seriously considered by too many of us. Steve was an experienced sailor. So are many of us. But no matter how experienced one may be, no matter the sea or weather conditions, no matter the size of the vessel, safety must always be a major consideration and must always be on our minds. As Greg suggested, the Board of Governors will consider making safety a part of next year’s annual meeting. In the meantime, we, too, offer our sincere condolences to Steve’s family and our best wishes to the organizers and crews who took part in the race.

Sam Hoyt

Martha Seabury rescues three in Buzzards Bay

Reposted from the Twin Schooners blog:

We're just today receiving details of a rescue operation carried out by the crew of the Schooner Martha Seabury as she sailed from Gloucester to Newport earlier this week. The crew, headed by Capt. Michael Moreland and including the vessel's owner Billy Campbell, Paul Bracken, Allison Phillips, Gabe St Denis, Dan Rutherford and Oliver Cote, is credited as saving the lives of the three young men rescued in Buzzards Bay.

New W&W Available

The Fall 2011 issue of Wing and Wing is at the printers and will be mailed out soon. In the meantime, those of you who have (1) registered on this website and (2) let me know what your user names are so I can grant you access to the Member-Only areas can get a jump on things and have an early read! Go to Member Area > Private Resources and click the W&W link. If you are not an ASA Member and would like to gain access, please click here and consider joining us!

Progress on Ernestina

Go to The Ernestina Website to see how to extract 12,500 pounds of masts and rigging from a schooner.

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