2007 - Start of the GCBSR
2007 GCBSR Start 2007 - GCBSR Start

2012 - GCBSR Full sail in light air
2012 - GCBSR Full sail in light air

Paul and Beverly Gray
Solebury, Pennsylvania
Summary Vessel Name: Quintessence Home Port: Bayville, New Jersey
Vessel Type: Gaff Schooner
Rig: Gaff main, main topsail, gaff fore, club staysail, roller-furling jib
Designer Hull and lines: Robert McLain
Accommodation plan: Bob Wallstrom
Rigging: Ralph Stanley
Builder Hull: Jarvis Newman, Southwest Harbor, Maine
Interior/Deck: Malcolm Pettigrew, Southwest Harbor, Maine
Built: 1983
Dimensions LOD: 31’ LWL: 26’ Beam: 10’ 6” Draft 5’
Displacement: 16,000 lbs
Propulsion: Diesel (Perkins 4-108)
Construction Fiberglass hull, teak decks
Quintessence underwent a significant cockpit rebuild and upgrade during the winter/spring of 09 at deRouville's Boat Shop in Bayville, NJ. Many of the electronics were upgraded at the same time. I wanted all the electronics available in the cockpit, but I didn't want Quintessence to loose her traditional look. Bill and his crew came up with this!

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Quintessence is one of a series of boats built on a Dictator hull by Jarvis Newman and Malcolm Pettigrew of Southwest Harbor, Maine. The original Dictator was a Friendship sloop built in the early 1900's. Newman found the badly deteriorated boat and completely restored it. In the process he took the lines off that hull and used them to construct the Dictator series of boats in glass. Most were finished as Sloops. Quintessence was built out as a schooner.
Quintessence finished first in class "C" and won "Best Overall" in the 2007 Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race. Quintessence could not race in 2008. A severe rot problem was uncovered in the cockpit area. She is currently under repair at deRouvill's Boatyard.