ceceline...gaff rigged schooner ,designed 1931 by charles nicholson...built Gisborne,N.Z. 1955..Kauri wood, triple planked,copper fastened, hull 2inch thick..4 longitudenals 2inchx4inches per side....45ft loa x10ftx 6ft draft..pilothouse, solid fir masts and topmasts....perkins 4-108 diesel inboard...planked deck over plywood...particepated in auckland to suva races in the sixties,wrote up in book by phillip houghton,Land before the masthead, a circumnavigation of new zealand in the wake of captain cook... travelled to the polynesian islands and west coast usa in the seventies...trans pac races ,finally ending up in honolulu where we purchased her in derelict condition in 1991...Over the years we have brought her back into good condition and hope to make the trip to the northwest in 2011 from honolulu, health permitting..

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History of Ceceline

ceceline built by Redvers Ceaser Robert Otway..n.z...Worked as as a sheperd in the Gisborne region of n.z...worked in north Aukland for a while..He then did a cadetship on a sheep property at Invergarvil( his uncle teds place)..After moving back to the family property at Ramarama he worked for some time forthe education department building resevoirs,tanks and swimming pools.He then started his own building business in Hawkes bay, eventually marrying Greta ceceline Hansen and settling in gisborne...He became well known as a boatbuilder and founded the Gisborne yacht club, built the clubhouse and was the club president. He has sailed in yachts of all sizes throuughout his life and his son,s have sailed in P class yachts up to ocean going keelers...Ted and his two sons sailed in the ceceline in the 1961 trans tasman race which he built..Although ted and greta are now retired and live in tauranga, he lives in Tauranga, he still likes building boats and is currently building his third 40ft keeler for himself.she was sold to Kenneth Henry Fergusson.. Ceceline was sold to Nigel Cotching in 1965...He in turn sold it or rented it to dr phillip Houghton around 1967 as he used it in his book..Land beforethe Masthead, a circumnavigation of new Zealand in the wake of Captain Cook.Houghton briefly changed the name to Marihiku.this apparently taking a year as he published the book in 1968..In 1969 ceceline was sold to b@m.warrick,apparently entered in auckland to suva races, then in 1973 sailed to the society islands,honolulu and then onto l.a.U.S.A...May 1973 moored in marina del ray she was sold to one ellis st rose..now deceased at 73..here it gets a little sketchy..she was sold to kimble ho of maui in 1982..apparently used in transpac races and numerous offshore voyages,many interisland voyages around hawaii..In 1988 she was sold to Daniel Roberts @ Susan Cox..they apparently stripped her down in prep for restoration but instead ended up having kids and living in Alaska..We bought her in derelict condition in 1991....It looks like that she hadnt been hauled in years and once hauled out we wondered what we had bought into!! turns out that she is built out of kauri wood and boats built with this wood and construction have lasted for over a hundred years..apparently worms do not like it either as she had no worms or any kind of rot, absolutely amazing!! We have hauled her out every year since and she has been moored in Honolulu to date undergoing perodical restorations...

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Here are some pics of ceceline over the years

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