Up the east coast of Australia

We set sail on Sunday morning, after waiting for the tide to come up sufficiently to get us safely over the bar, about 11 am, in what seemed to be the perfect conditions. The sun was glorious, blue sky, 10 knots of wind from the south - perfect! Who could ask for more!

It was an amazing thing to sail out of Batemans Bay after such a long visit! We had come in needing to do some work and earn a few dollars but had never in our wildest dreams thought we would have stayed so long or left with such a sense of having done that for which we came!

So much was achieved while we were there - and not just the dollars part! Both our health has stabilised - mine as well as Peter's and we have learned things we never expected to learn in Batemans Bay! Peter got so much sailing experience while we were there, and the children and I learned vast amounts about looking after our boat alone!

I began to be a regular writer for the Cruising Helmsman and began my other adventure, the Miles Away From Abuse Facebook page which currently has over 4000 followers.

And in addition we have left one family with a fantastic deck, another with a whole house and close friends with the starting of another B & B cottage. What a lot to have got done!

But the time was definitely ripe for us to go on and so we waved goodbye to dear friend Jacq and set off.

The perfect conditions stayed with us for most of the early afternoon before the wind died right down. Ah well! The 10 knots dropped to barely a whisper and as we were sailing directly north we found the motion of the boat become ever more rolley! And of course after 18 months with no sailing we all felt that motion unpleasantly!

It took us until 11 pm to get into Ulladulla - making a massive 2.5 knots most of the way even with the motor on! Oh gosh!

Still despite the slowness and the sickness we had a good trip. We left the bay and got into Ulladulla without any kind of mishap and although we did walk the boat up and down the wharf here looking for power several times before midnight, nothing went wrong! Nothing at all! Yay! And we even got power set up in the end!

Since getting in the children and I have explored Ulladulla a little between rain showers, and Peter has been entertained chatting to everyone who has stopped by to see the boat as is the usual case! Yes, its not such an frequent sight, an 1800's inspired schooner tied up at the wharf!

Jervis Bay will be our next stop, and each day we watch the weather closely, looking for the right day to set off. Currently it looks like Wednesday, but weather - well it isn't the stable science at all is it!?

Great update - Send pictures!

Great update on the voyage and life experience!  Would be great to see some local scenary- feel free to post some pics!  BB



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