I've been thinking about adding blogging functionality to this site, and have a test version up and running (for myself only at this point). For the benefit of those who are not familiar with blogging: a blog is an online journal, a place for a user to post about topics of particular interest to him- or herself.

I am wondering whether blogs add a useful capability to this site. The difference between blogs and other areas (e.g. fora, schooner pages) is minimal: postings and comments are made in the same fashion, but a blog collects all of an individual users postings together versus a forum or boat page, which collect many users postings on a particular subject.

I have two questions:

  1. Should the ASA website have blogs?
  2. And if so, should blogging be automatically availible to all members or should it be a by-request add-on?

Please reply to these questions by adding comments to this posting.

Thanks for your thoughts,
Alex Rhinelander

Sam forgot his password & user name...

but he is thinking about blogging. Send Dogwatch an Email. - Thanks

The Blogging WatchDog

The Blogging Watchdog beseaches the most honored Dogwatch to reconsider this path to literary fame. Blogging is only a blip in technology. If you decide to wear ship, just remember to choose a new pen name. Cat Scratch? Dog Blog?


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