Forever Bluenose - A Future for a Schooner with a Past

At the Maine Boatbuilders Show last week Al Hutchinson from Covey Island Boatworks presented a copy of this excellent book to the American Schooner Association.  Our copy resides in the library at Maritime Gloucester. 

The construction details of "restoring" Canada's icon make quite a story, while issues with the project's management and dynamics with the government take it to another level.  Three very different companies, Covey Island Boatworks, Snyder's Shipyard, and Lunenburg Industrial Foundry and Engineeering Ltd. formed the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance (LSA) and won the contract after "a longish round of bargaining over details."  Early on Ottawa was expected to provide half the projected $14.2 million cost but has provided just $4.9 million leaving $11.1 of the now $16 million total to be borne by Nova Scotia. Funding deadlines had to be met before the design was completed and all the regulatory requirements were fully understood.  As a result a good share of unforseen challenges developed.   In the end however, the Bluenose II restoration is a triumph. The skilled craftsmen from the LSA have created a stout and beautiful masterpiece.

Journalist Ron Crocker has given us a very readable account of the restoration along with history of the original Bluenose.  Photos by Mark Doucette, official photographer for the restoration. 

Forever Bluenose, A Future for a Schooner with a Past - 128 pages with over 50 photographs, Nimbus Publishing Company, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2013

Available from the online store at the Bluenose II website

Al Bezanson

Al Hutchinson, Covey Island and Bluenose

Al - I was not aware of the book.  It was gracious of Al to provide a copy.  I will get it and add it to my library.  It was great to stop by Friday night at the 1st leg of the MBBS afterhours social hour(s) and find Al and Bob there.   They're excellent guys to gam with and Al is the perfect person to lead Covey Island though the term Shipworks seems  more akin to what the company creates with their masterful quality! They are neck deep in NS schooner heritage and its a pleasure to hang out with them.  10/10 ..24/7    Finest Kind !

By the way- who is up in the ASA for a 2015 assault on NS to jointhe NSSA race week.  Could be a tall ships year.  We plan to go, just need some US flagged schooners with letters of Marque to go up and commandere some rum.  Thinking we should appear out of the fog just as the gun goes off for the 10 minute warning, and fire a few of our own.