David Clarke

Dave Clarke passed away on November 19th at his home in Searsmont, Maine following a workout on the rowing machine that had kept him limber for many years.  Rowing had been one of his passions, along with keeping in touch with the few remaing vets that served with him on a WWII diesel sub shortly after the war.

Passion was Dave's hallmark.  WINFIELD LASH, the Atkin schooner Dave built was a masterpiece, with interior details and custom hardware that had to be just right for Dave's eye. He wouid build something, and later rip it out and do it another way if a better idea came to him. On the outside WINFIELD LASH is as pretty as any schooner can be.  Here are Dave and Marge alongside us in Long Island Sound after we met by chance at Sandy Hook.

There will be an announcement later regarding a service.


Al Bezanson

Green Dragon


Our condolences to Margaret, and Dave's childeren Bethany and Heidi.  Dave's contributions to the ASA both as a commodore, member of the board of governors, a deepy pasionate regular member who was always involved with meetings, sailing events, schooner building and sailing, and all the enthusiasm that made up his life will be missed by his friends. Peter and Sandy