The Trip 'Round Revillagigedo Island

It's been awhile since we've posted here -- much has happened and while we keep the Mahdee blog up-to-date I must admit we've been dismal correspondents here.  Let's see--after "North and More North," we made a nice trip into Ketchikan, Alaska.  We found Alaska chock-full of "empty" places to be.  Mooring balls in the middle of nowhere (thank you, United States Forest Service) and floating docks, unattached to land, here-there-and-yon just waiting for Schooner Mahdee to tie up and enjoy the scenery.  Many times even at these docks we were alone.  And then there were the anchorages.  Very deep but with the benefit of being able to drop a prawn pot in the nearby waters and collect a yummy dinner or breakfast with little effort.


 We enjoyed the Misty Fjords using the many free moorings. 


We also had spectacular views in the Misty Fjords as it was early in the season and still snow showing atop the mountains. During April and May as it rained on us we could sometimes see snow on the higher elevations falling. 

We spent a week traveling the waterways around the Revillagigedo Island including the Misty Fjords National Monument.  We were crabbing, prawning, and enjoying the views. 

Beryl, the ship's cat, helped to navigate, faithfully. I enjoyed fishing from Mahdee but caught nothing in the Misty Fjords. 

I was much more successful with crabs and prawns than with fishing. I would use left-over prawn parts for the crab traps and crab parts for the prawn traps.  Not that they cared--but it seemed to work just fine.  The coves we visited were steep walled and generally it was a vertical hike almost up a cliff to visit the shore.   Here, Mahdee's foremast is visible from a pathway adjacent her cove.

We saw many lovely waterfalls -- big and small on that loop around the island. 




We had a wonderful, sunny week with only one rainy day during the late April loop around Revillagigedo Island before heading further north to see glaciers, bears, and enjoy meeting Alaska fishing families and owners of  wonderful wood boats in Alaska.  We'll endeavor to get more photos and stories of our 2014 travels onto the American Schooner Association site over the next several weeks.  Fair winds from the crew of Schooner Mahdee.  

Brenda- Great Blog !

Thanks for sharing the photos and content of your trip North.  Great Blog!