Secretary's Monthly Report - November

Secretary’s (sort of) Monthly Email Update - November

OK – I have no idea what happened to October! Well, actually I do. I was busy sailing and racing down the Chesapeake aboard Mystic Whaler for the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race.

Best laid plans…

Association Educational Grant Program

If you were at the last Annual Meeting you will (hopefully) remember the discussions about the Association directly supporting educational programs at schooner events. The Board was authorized by member vote to spend up to $1000 on grants in 2015. The first $500 grant was awarded to the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race to help support the youth educational program so much a part of the race.
The Board has been working to formalize the grant program and has come up with the following guidelines
• The total grant fund will be defined as half of the Association’s operating income from the prior year
• Additional individual member donations will be added directly to the grant fund
• Grants will be distributed as $500 grants
• The total amount and number of grants will be announced at each year’s annual meeting
• The number of available grants will be published immediately after the annual meeting
• Any qualified organizations are invited to apply for a grant
• Grants will be awarded based on a grant submission and review process
• Grant awards are made at the sole discretion of the review committee
• Multiple grants may be awarded to one organization if unutilized grant money is available
• Grant awardees will be required to document the use of the grant funds to the review committee

There is obviously a lot of details behind these points that are still being worked out. Please send me any ideas or concerns you have about the process as outlined or if you are interested in serving on the Review Committee.

A full presentation of the Educational Grant Program will be made at the February Annual Meeting for member approval. Details will be emailed prior to the meeting.

Wing & Wing

Susan and I are working on the next issue of Wing & Wing. Various people are working on various articles about various events that have occurred over the last few months. I promise I won’t use the word “various” again in this email.

We are always looking for articles, so if you have one in mind and would like to put pen to paper, (figuratively of course, please put finger to keyboard) have at it. We need all copy by December 4th. Just send it to me. Keep articles to around 700 words (don’t worry, your word processing software will give you the word count!).

I have an idea for a new “column” I would like to try out. Basically a “work in progress” update for any of you who have a boatbuilding/renovation project underway. I know of at least five, so send me a blurb about your project and your progress (or lack thereof, we aren’t judgmental) and I will take care of the rest. A status photo would not be amiss either!

This will include both private and public projects, so don’t be shy. Inquiring minds want to know.

Help wanted - Vessel Researcher!

We’ve made good progress with the Registry but I now have a new project. WoodenBoat has agreed to allow us to use their on-line wooden boat registry as a source of potential additional schooners. I need someone who would be interested in spending time searching for schooners in the WoodenBoat Registry, comparing them to the Schooner Registry and adding boats that are missing.

I’ll set up an easy method to add the information if you are interested in becoming an official American Schooner Association Registry of American Schooners Vessel Researcher (or A.S.A.R.A.S.V.R. for (sort of) short).

We pay well. I’ll give you an Association hat at the annual meeting. Seems reasonable doesn’t it? Let me know if you are interested (in helping, not in a hat).

Logo Gear

But speaking of hats…

We are about to place an order for the “old style” Association hats. You remember, these:

Let me know if you might be interested in one, and what color you might want. Just call the colors 1, 2, 3 and 4 starting from the left side. I’m not looking for orders at the moment, just gauging interest to make sure we order a reasonable amount and colors.

But speaking of ordering…

How is your Association burgee looking these days?

Not so good? Well…

What, you don’t have one?!?! What kind of member are you? What a disgrace. Go get one!

We have three sizes available. Prices range from $60 - $90.

Take a look at:

“Your source for all things Association!”

Gulf of Mexico

More interesting news from the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve heardfrom Leroy Naschke, a member from Galveston, that schooner owners in the area are organizing the first Galveston Schooner Race to be held the first weekend in December in conjunction with a local Galveston Festival.

Great to hear about it and let’s hope we can get more members from the area!

Fair Winds and a Following Sea!

That’s it for now! I’m not going to promise anything for December.


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