MAYAN - Alden 356-B - Joining Up

We are pleased to have been accepted as new members of ASA and look forward to puttering around on the web site.  By way of an introduction, We've attached a link to the blog about MAYAN.  

Much of her history is in the blog, reading bottom up, but the short version is:

Built in what was then Beleize, British Honduras in 1947 to a 1928 design by John Alden (no 356-B), fortunately the builder and owner decided not to add the deckhouse, which Alden had added to the '28 design and looks a great deal like the house on WHEN & IF.  She was built by a naval officer just after the second world war and sailed to NY City to be sold.  There was quite a shortage of well built yachts in '47 and she sold quickly.

From '48 until '69 she served in various capacities as yacht and charter vessel plying the waters of Maine in the summer and the Islands in the winter.  In '69 David Crosby (of the Byrds and Crosby Stills Nash & Young) bought her and sailed her extensively in the island, through the canal to the Pacific, out to Tahiti and Hawaii and along the California coast.

In 2005 MAYAN had her hull, deck and rig rebuilt by Wayne Ettel of Los Angeles. We purchased her from David in 2014 and immediately sent her back to Wayne to rebuild the interior and re-fresh her various electrical, mechanical and fluid systems.

Her home port is now Santa Cruz, California and we'd be happy to welcome anyone interested in schooners if you find yourself in our corner of the world.

Stacey & Beau Vrolyk




Welcome Mayan

Welcome Stacey and Beau ! From your blog it looks like you are having quite a time with Mayan, a relationship which no doubt will be a long one.   Before Neils Helleberg passed over the bar he shared with me his working list of remaining Alden Schooners, and the list is brief, because they are now rare; something we should endeavor and complete to keep track of the remaining original boats.  I would encourage you to also reach out to members on the west coast; contact infromation should be available in the memebers area.  If you felt inclined to stir the pot a little more vigorously, on the west coast, so to speak, to help re-invigorate the schooner fleet out there, let me know, there may be some other past owner contact infromation in the unpublished archives we could dig up.  All the best, welcome aboard - Peter and Sandy-