Independence Seaport Museum Seeks Applicants for Historic Ships Manager Position

Position Description

Historic Ships Manager


Minimum of five years’ experience in marine operations, management, ship maintenance, or similar field. Good communications skills. Ability to interact effectively with visiting public and staff. Ability to manage materials and provide clear comprehensive reporting. Strong understanding of personnel management issues. Understanding of preservations standards, and all applicable safety standards. Must show sensitivity to museum mission and code of ethics. Automotive Driver’s License and Marine credentials a plus.


Manager performs routine duties in service to the visiting public and in maintaining the historic ships of the Independence Seaport Museum. Coordinates shipkeeper staff, contractors and supervises volunteers. Reports to Director of Historic Ships Position requires ability to lift to 50 pounds, ladder and staging work, and work in confined spaces. Also requires knowledge of job safety practices, safe use of tools and ship maintenance materials. Understanding of curatorial practices and interpretation of historic sites is a plus.

Responsibilities include:

1. Shipkeeping: Supervises routine maintenance tasks including regular ship cleaning, snow removal, safety patrols, scraping and painting, wood and/or steel work.

2. Visitor Stewardship: Provides information and guidance, ensures visitor safety, and provides security during open hours.

3. Interpretation: develops knowledge of the history of the Olympia and Becuna; delivers information to the public consistent with the museum’s interpretive plan for the ships.

4. Collection Care: Assists curators in caring for the ships’ collections.

5. Program Development: As a member of the ISM team, contributes information to develop and deliver a quality experience to the visitor.

6. Assists with the management of staff, volunteers and contractors.

7. Undertakes other duties and special projects as assigned.

Additional Responsibilities:

1) Project Planning, Funding and Management

a) Assist with the Planning and schedule of preservation and stabilization work

i) All work performed to Secretary of the Interior Standards for Historic Preservation and local and national safety codes where applicable

ii) Responsible for project purchasing, contractor vetting and quality control

b) Work with Development Department and Business Office

i) Contribute to grant writing; Foundations, veterans, state and federal grants

ii) Assist with Grant Management

2) Education and Events

a) Assist education department with tours and programming where needed

i) Coordinate and staff behind the scenes tours

ii) Contribute to interpretive efforts

b) Assist with logistics and planning for Historic Ships and Museum events

i) boat festivals and parade

ii) Veteran events

iii) Development events and rental events

c) Coordinate with efforts of Olympia Living History Crew

3) Assistant Liaison Duties‐2nd Point Of Contact


b) Delaware Valley Chapter of Submarine Veterans of World War II

c) US Navy league


4) Damage Control and Emergency Management

a) On call 24/7

b) Responsible for emergency repairs to hulls and systems

Please send Resume and references to: