Free Radar to Member

We are replacing our vernerable Sitex T-100 radar inlcuding radome, cable and CRT display.  As I recall range is about 24 miles.  So if a member is looking for a free radar, just let me know.  Its old technology but it has always worked extremely well, able to descriminate targets clearly including seagulls sitting around the ledges miles ahead in pea soup fog.  It definately saved us a few collisions with insane powerboaters in the fog over many years and got us through crowed anchorages in thick fog.  Modern GPS is great but radar is essential.  All I know is when we put it down cellar 14 years ago it worked fine.  The cable length is long enough to run from the back of the cabin trunk up to the top of the foremast.  We are 43 feet on deck. Its probably a late 1980s model.  If interested and want more technical detail a google search will land a technical manual.  If there is no member interest I may donate it at the upcoming boat builders show.  Contact me at if interested.  Peter