not paying 'photobucket's ransom'..have alot of editing to do now

went to look up some info on Saltwind and saw all my pics replaced with the Photobucket notice that I had to upgrade to get my pics to post...$400 per year..nah..  now to 're-upload' all those pix directly..

Migrate your Photobucket files to Fotki


Windage, you might take a look at Fotki.  They claim to have a way to migrate your files.  I have used Fotki with few problems for years and I'll say they are improving.  Message below: 


Major updates and fixes this year

  • We switched almost all pages to encrypted protocol HTTPS to enable higher levels of confidentiality and keep you safer while using the Fotki website
  • We completely rewrote Fotki iOS App, using modern Apple technologies, and we implemented some new features and fixed all reported bugs. We are working on new version and on new set of features at the moment
  • We also rewrote our Android app, where we fixed many reported issues and added support for login with FB/G+ accounts
  • Added Action Menus to photo, album and folder views to make the navigation easier
  • Updated "Show links" page. Now you can get all links at one place with ability to copy them all with a single click
  • Developed a migration tool for former Photobucket users and have successfully moved thousands of accounts
  • Updated tagging system: switched to hashtags, like pretty much everybody in the industry today
  • Web videos (from youtube, vimeo and others) can be now stored in a regular Fotki album among your photos and videos, try it out!
  • We improved and fixed bugs in drag and drop sorting in the album
  • And finally, image URLs are now really short, and are much easier to use
  • Coming up

What we are working on and what to expect from us in the near future:

  • FTP major fix and optimization. We heard you and ready to improve the FTP work
  • Digital selling. Another long-awaited great subject for professional photographers and artists at Fotki
  • New clean and responsive Fotki design. A big project which will be released partially and in "beta" status first to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • Streams - we are developing content streams, to make the life at Fotki more interesting, fun and interactive
  • Fotki Blog - we are working on a new Fotki Blog, where we will be keeping you up-to-date with our progress
  • And finally, redesigned home page is coming out, which we hope will be fun to use as well


Rendezvous or cruising on Chesapeake week of June 29 to July 6th

Happy Father’s Day to all qualifying Schooner folk! Already posted on the MidAtlantic Chapter’s FB page BUT wanted to extend an invite to any kindred souls who may want to either rendezvous or cruise in company, Panther is heading out privateering AM 29 June bound south to Magothy River first night(probably Sillery Bay): then to  the South or West River and down to Solomons then turning and raiding up the east coast of the Bay to end hopefully in Rock Hall Harbour Friday night before a return to home port in Rock Creek on Saturday....all plans are tentarive and based on wind and tide and if we find too much fun  at one port we may spend extra time anywhere we all choose! Please do reach out and let us know as everyones schedules are crazy. We do plan to observe proper protocols for the firing of the five o’clock gun with anchors planted and dinks alongside. Respectfully submitted, Peter Gentry, Commodore, MAC-ASA