2018 Annual Meeting glimpses

Elisabeth Kerr and ASA Commodore Stefan Edick flanking Mary and Fred Bowers.  Fred devoted 16 years of Sunday afternoons to building a steel pinky schooner in his backyard and then he named her after a tree.  SYCAMORE.  

Richard Hudson, this year's speaker with Jay Irwin.  Richard has sailed his 50 foot schooner, ISSUMA, 80,000 miles and prefers latitudes above 50N or below 50S.  His talk covered a 12,000 mile voyage from Vancouver to Patagonia via Easter Island.   

Chantey time with Al Roper, Paul Gray, Barry O'Brien and David Coller

Mary Anne McQuillan with Nan Nawrocki

Jay Irwin spends 3 cents to have Bill Hamilton do the hard stuff.  Our 140 Noank oysters were slurped in short order and the last five seemed to be welded closed.  The Hampton Inn graciously allows us to set up a leakproof shucking operation in the carpeted meeting room and when we finish and tidy up there is nary a trace.

Breakfast at the Hampton is the perfect time for conversation.  Jay Irwin, Joyce Wheeler and Amy Beaudet facing Lisa Forbes, Perry and Margaret Davis, Andy Bezanson.

HERON, Bob Pulsch's 1911 B B Crowninshield schooner, Gloucester Schooner Race, 2006.  Bob did a total restoration in his backyard including a new hull, 1996-2004.   In 2007 the schooner sank in a collision with a barge.  This is a new painting by Michael Scherfen of Atlantic Highlands.

Octogenarians Jay Irwin, Al Bezanson and Bob Pulsch

Calypso from schooner ALERT, Bailey's Island, Maine