Post Meeting report

Happy April First!!! I hope any April Fool’s Day activities do NOT involve members’ vessels! As a followup to the MAC Meeting on March 16....The meeting was well attended with over 20 members and friends, we opened the Meeting at 10AM at the Maryland Yacht Club with a recap of the National Meeting in Mystic and then rolled right into our chapter reports with Treasury(@$960.00), Secretary/ membership(@25 members), VC(no report), Commodore(to follow). In this last report under Old Business, we addressed continuing developments on the Schooner Port Project and the buy in and increased interest among the 13 facilities along the Chesapeake’s length that are on the short list for final selection. A few of these still need to share facility upgrade reports and final discount decisions to allow us to weap things up for the upcoming season. We then moved onto the high interest Crew Exchange program and discussed the liability and background check necessities for such an effort to move forward. The third item on our discussion area was to introduce as our new international chandlery, who has offered a 20% discount to ASA members, you need to ID with your member number, with higher stepped percentage levels for staged purchase levels. We moved onto New Business with Elections....Darlene Alexander will be the new Treasurer, Eric Moseson be the Vice Commodore, and I, Peter Gentry, will be repeating as Commodore for this next year. At this time, Eric and i will be splitting the Secretary’s duties with volunteer help from several nice friends of the chapter. If there is someone who would like to join our merry crew officially we would be glad for your help! There were a number of interesting discussion points under New Business including upcoming calendar items such as the Fells Point Maritime Festival, the weekend of April 27. It appears as if we will have several Chapter Vessels participating and Nan Nawrocki has done yoeman’s duty getting docking applications approved through her contacts! Nan was also kind enough to share information on the upcoming Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in October and will be forwarding leads to keep us tuned in! Two other fun and involved topics were the establishment of an annual Phoenix Award of $100.00 cash to be awarded to the active chapter member who best exemplifies the core values and focus towards efforts espoused by the American Schooner Association and the idea to offer to host the National meeting in the Chesapeake Region. Wrapping up that part of the agenda, we then introduced Rick Truett from the Gibson Island Boatworks, who shared history and insights that lead to his role in building a well balanced and deeply staffed facility that is not only traditional vessel friendly BUT able to blend tried and true products with fresh and newer methods that turn out results that are the envy of the Bay! We wrapped up our meeting and adjourned at 12:15PM to rendezvous at the 2 Rivers Steak and Seafood House where the festivities continued into the late afternoon. The animated levels of discussion and interesting proposals were a treat and reflect well on the engagement of the chapter and the members who were able to attend. We hope this great Meeting will be followed with equally solid Chapter participation in the soon upcoming Maritime Festival in Fells Point! If you cannot get aboard a schooner to come in perhaps you might be able to assist as line handlers and or pier guides via handheld VHF as schooners arrive!

Respectfully submitted, Peter C. Gentry:Commodore, MAC-ASA