Seeking A Schooner

It was great to meet everyone at the annual meeting. Several people suggested I post here in search of a schooner. Many of you out there hear about boats that are not yet for sale or you may know about boats that I don't. All help is appreciated! Perhaps someone reading this is looking for a good home for their boat at this very moment.... I am partial to Aldens, but not completely closed-minded. Ideally, I like something about 35' on the water, mid 40s on deck. (Yes, I love Alden 270s & 309s -- got to find the right one.)

Seeking a schooner

Greetings! I saw your recent comment regarding a schooner to acquire. I am restoring Revenge(see schooners)and I know the owners of Marilyn(see schooners)and she is a lovely well cared for boat. If you are interested in a 309, I would suggest contacting the owners of Marilyn as she is a very worthy consideration.


Adam Henley

Seeking a schooner

Thanks Adam. I am aware of Marilyn and will certainly check into her when I can get out to the west coast. I was hoping I might shake up some leads a little closer to home here on the east coast. I have heard rumors of other 270/309s in the area but haven't been able to nail them down.


seeking a schooner

Hi...are you still out there??? Shearwater is for sale, 40', priced right, and located in Manchester, MA. I happen to know the owners very well. They are meticulous schooner-heads. Call or contact Daisy Nell or Stan Collinson, 978-768-7630 or go to the broker's site, to the home of Eric Husher, broker. He just sold the schooner Ellida.
Good luck,
Daisy Nell (

1920 45 foot Alden schooner ABACO

i have a 1920 John Alden schooner that was built in Manchester, MA by W.B. Calderwood for Mr. Robert Saltonstall. She was rebuilt by Elmer Dion in 1985 at Kittery, ME, by the owners I bought her from. I purchased her in 1997.
She is a staysail schooner now, originally she was gaff rigged. She is 45'6" LOD x 33' LOW x 11'8" Beam x 7' draft x 62' air draft. She sleeps six, has full head and shower, focsle, pilot berth, setee berth, quaarter berth, aft galley. She is powered by an 85 HP Perkins marine diesel model 4-236 engine. VHF, RADAR, GPS, EPIRB, 10 foot dinghy w outboard motor.
fast, seaworthy and able. Lines laid down by Sam Crocker for John G. Alden 1920. FOR SALE
Contact Peter Warburton

We are also looking at schooners

Hi Jim,

Just wanted to let you know we are also looking for a schooner and we're on the west coast (Portland, Oregon). We would be more than happy to share our impressions and photos of any boats we see in person and maybe you can do the same for us on the East coast. Let me know. We can be reached at

Take Care,
Holly and Graham

Schooner for Sale...

Please visit for a look at Wind Rose.

Best regards, Capt. Buzz

Still Seeking

Thank you all for your thoughts and ideas; please keep them coming beacuse I'm still looking for a schooner. Unfortunately, Marilyn sold the day before I was to go see her. As to Shearwater, I think she is a bit too small for me.


selling schooner flying fish, interested?

Jim, I have recently decided to sell the schooner "flying fish"
and saw your interest in buying a schooner. Please contact me asap if you are interested. The schooner is at anchor in Stonigton Harbor, CT, if you would like to come see her. Just sailed back from Bermuda.
phone:860 546 6820

Shearwater price reduction

Shearwater price now reduced to $55K. Great boat and could be retro-fitted. Everyone who has looked at her thus far has been over 6ft tall. Aren't there any other short people, like us, out there? Where are you located? Shearwater to race in Gloucester race Labor Day.

schooner for sale

The schooner Thaleia is now for sale. She is a Bombigher designed custom built Shpountz and will soon be in the Chesapeake. See her and all of the details at . We'll be leaving the Virgins in a few weeks and plan to cruise from the Chesapeake to Maine this summer, then do the GCBSR in October.
Judy and John

Looking for schooner for Croatia - Adriatic sea


I saw your schooner. What could be the price?

Alden schooner

I am looking to rent a classic Alden schooner, between 50 and 70 feet long, built between 1915 and 1950. If it's in the Caribbena, that would help.

Crew position for the Gloucester Schooner Race

I am eager to sail in the Gloucester Schooner Race on a classic schooner. Plenty of experience.
George Grimes
978 546 9384
cell 508 284 6551
email -

Drastic price reduction

Shearwater (40' shoal draft, Brad Story-built, 1980) now drastically reduced in price to $55K to allow for quick sale/tuition!

Jim Are you still looking

I am an old wooden boat and schooner captian,Tarbaby was on of my proudest. during that time i put her away in the fall and commisioned her in the spring next to Jim Rafferty, the owner of Golden Goose. the world schooner fleet will never be the same, Jim is nolonger with us in body. His pride and joy is now for sale and needs to end up in the right hands. I had the plesure of inspecting the boat on Saturday and found her to be in great condition. if you are interested please contact john at Cove Landing Marina, 860-434-5240. Golden Goose is one of the most traditional found Plesure schooners out there.
Douglas J White
Stowe Vermont

Are you still looking?

You might like to look at and the "Schooners for Sale" page.

David Large

Schooner Marilyn Information Updated

Jim Bregman is the new and proud owner of the Alden 309 Marilyn. Congratulations Jim! Jim, I did the original posting for the Richardson's and I have updated the schooner information temporarily to reflect the change in stewardship. It was great to see you in Newport. Let me know - I can copy and forward the text and picture files to you, so you can create your own profile of the vessel. Upon your instructions I will delete the existing information. Or perhaps Alex can transfer the edit access privledge over to you.

Contact me at or

Peter Thompson


As Peter mentioned, I am in the process of buying Marilyn, an Alden 309. As you might imagine, we are very, very excited. It took over 12 months to find the right boat, but it was worth the wait.

The ASA site and this thread were incredibly helpful in my search. I suggest we either keep this one going or start another thread for those who are looking to buy a schooner. It is useful to share information about boats for sale and what boat is where. Also, for anyone out there who is also looking for a schooner, I have spent many hours talking to lots of owners and touring countless boats (yes, it was a tought job). I'd be happy to share what I learned with other schooner seekers.