Contemplation of Great Schooner Gam, Portland, Maine

When Portland Yacht Services was still a young organization and we were foolish with youth, we sponsored the Mariah's Cup a race for wooden boats. We had a great time but couldn't maintain it... so we put the annual trophy aside and focused upon the Maine Boatbuilders Show.

Now that we are getting older and foolishness is certainly setting in again, I would like to have PYS host a gentleman and ladies Maine schooner GAM in Portland.

To the members who are joining us at the Maine Boatbuilders Show and others who might have an interest. The topic is open for wild thoughts on dates, venues, conflicts, feeder races, volunteers, challenges, events, rating penalties for being too serious. Pancake breakfasts, the proper number of lobsters per person and the correct menu for a boatyard lobsta bake. What rum should sponsor the event?

Who knows what could happen if we are encouraged.

Schooner GAM

Great Idea Phin. Jim Cassidy seems to have Goslings tied up as a sponsor of the Race Rock Regatta. Perhaps I can get Cruzan interested. I'll touch base with them if I can figure out how when I'm down in St. Croix in May. Afterall, we should have an American (USVI)rum for an american sailing event. Peter Thompson. Count Blackbird in.

Third weekend in August?

Phin Sprague

Was recently suggested the third weekend in August 2007 for the Great Portland Schooner Gam. What are the conflicts? Cheers!Phin