140 Schooners

June 9-11 marks the occasion of Norfolk Harborfest, which will be dedicated this year to the memory of Captain Lane Briggs. The Briggs family will be leading the June 9, 2006 Parade of Sail in Norfolk Rebel, escorted by a fleet of friends representing Lane's work with the sailing and maritime community.

The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race was one of Lane's proudest accomplishments, and the Executive Director of Norfolk Festevents, Karen Scherberger, has extended an invitation to schooners to sail in the Norfolk Rebel escort fleet in the Parade of Sail. There will be a tossing of the wreath ceremony with the traditional "whistle symphony" for Lane, along with a dedication celebration naming Lane's traditional docking location at the marina "Briggs Point", and a "Sailor's Night" party Saturday night at the marina following the fireworks.

If your schooner was privileged to sail in Lane's Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race, it was in the company of 139 others that have raced since the GCBSR began in 1990. Two miles of schooners, bowsprits to boom ends. Lane would be right proud to see you all there. Your schooner would be welcome, even if she's not part of the GCBSR flock. As Al Roper said, "If Lane was not your friend, you hadn't met him yet."

You can reach Karen at Scherbergerk@festevents.org. For more on Lane Briggs, see Kathy Hill's December posting on this website "A tribute to our friend Lane" and "Farewell Lane Briggs."

Al Bezanson