Restoration Update

Schooner Adventure......Restoration Progress
January/February 2006 Update

During the past three months, Adventure's restoration progress has moved steadily forward. Despite the relentless winter winds that tore away at the protective covers on deck and around the stern/transom, work continued on a daily basis.

Adventure's new transom is now complete. This is an incredible piece of work to put behind us in more ways than one. The restoration efforts on this section of the project were, by no measure easy. All frames, support timbers and stern planking were replaced. Her port and starboard sides were rejoined together with the exception of the top rails. and the new transom now awaits her rails and is ready for new deck planking.

New bitt posts were rigidly installed on her port and starboard deck locations near the steering gear and rudder box.
More main beams, headers and carlings have been formed and are awaiting installation.

The port side of Adventure is almost 100% planked with the exception of the scupper strake and covering board. The rails have been removed from the stern port side and have been raised in preparation to match the pieces to the new transom.

The next phase of the stern restoration will focus on caulking the seams, installing major deck beams, and readying Adventure for relaunching in late spring. Our team will also focus on building new deck hatches, installing beams and headers, and, with the generous funding from the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Lowe's Foundation, restoring the captain's cabin to its original condition.

The shipwrights of Adventure should be proud of their craftsmanship and all of their hard work...they have been making excellent progress and are producing quality work on schedule. Volunteers have also been hard at work during the cold winter months, many of them completing daily and weekly tasks directly associated with the restoration process. We are very fortunate to have a great crew that works well together under tough conditions.

Adventure's hull restoration is nearly complete and she will soon take her place in Gloucester harbor....shipshape and soon fit for sailing.

The invitation is still open for all to come on down to Rose’s Marine on Saturday mornings (or by appointment) to see the restoration project firsthand. Call our office at 978-281-8079 for more information.

Peter N. Souza
Vice President and Chair, Adventure Vessel Committee

Schooner Adventure Relaunch

Relaunch date: July 18, 6PM Rose's Marine, 375 Main St.Gloucester, MA

Adventure Crew