2007 - Start of the GCBSR
2007 GCBSR Start 2007 - GCBSR Start

2012 - GCBSR Full sail in light air
2012 - GCBSR Full sail in light air

Paul and Beverly Gray
Solebury, Pennsylvania
Summary Vessel Name: Quintessence Home Port: Bayville, New Jersey
Vessel Type: Gaff Schooner
Rig: Gaff main, main topsail, gaff fore, club staysail, roller-furling jib
Designer Hull and lines: Robert McLain
Accommodation plan: Bob Wallstrom
Rigging: Ralph Stanley
Builder Hull: Jarvis Newman, Southwest Harbor, Maine
Interior/Deck: Malcolm Pettigrew, Southwest Harbor, Maine
Built: 1983
Dimensions LOD: 31’ LWL: 26’ Beam: 10’ 6” Draft 5’
Displacement: 16,000 lbs
Propulsion: Diesel (Perkins 4-108)
Construction Fiberglass hull, teak decks
Quintessence underwent a significant cockpit rebuild and upgrade during the winter/spring of 09 at deRouville's Boat Shop in Bayville, NJ. Many of the electronics were upgraded at the same time. I wanted all the electronics available in the cockpit, but I didn't want Quintessence to loose her traditional look. Bill and his crew came up with this!

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Alden Schooner 'ABACO'

Does anyone know the full history of 'ABACO'?

Has she always had this name?

Would appreciate any info/comments or even
photos of her sailing etc.

Many thanks,

Kenneth Woodside


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