Another Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race - THANK YOU!!!

The race from Baltimore to Portsmouth will surely provide some good sea stories for the next ASA meeting.

A huge thank you to all the Captains and Crews for another amazing turn out. We had 44 vessels registered and 29 (don't hold me to that number I'm working from memory) started the race.

On behalf of our board of directors I would like to thank all those ASA members who participated and volunteered their time. Please check out the race results on our webpage

If anyone has some great pictures or comments to share please don't hesitate to pass them along my email is on the schoonerrace website. We want to make the race better each year and your suggestions are most appreciated.

Nan Nawrocki

GCBSR 2006

Fantastic race! So well organized and excuted. I had the pleasure of sailing on "The Pride of Baltimore II" with a great crew of extremely professional sailors. My thanks to all who work so hard to make this event such a success. See you next year.
Jeannie Poole
Guest Crew

GCBSR pics

Following Nan's request for pics, does anyone know if any pictures from the race are available on the internet yet? There seemed to be a lot of chase boats and helicopters overhead, but nothing comes up on google. I'm especially interested in Pride and Virginia side by side off of the start, and all the boats around them. Should be a great race to watch again next year!

Pictures from GCBSR 2006 from aboard Heron

Per suggestion from Al Bezanson (thanks Al), below is link to pictures taken before during and after the race from Heron, NJ. Should be downloadable to anyone wanting a copy. I will leave these up for a couple weeks -- eventually they will have to dissappear due to storage limitations.

Bill Comella


Hi Bill,
GREAT pictures! If you need any e-mail addresses for the busy schooner folks who don't bother to log-in here let me know, I have quite a few of the member's addresses. All the postings here have convinced Fred that we are DEFINATELY going to find a berth for next year's race. Can't wait!
Thanks again for posting the pictures.
Mary Anne