GCBSR Awards Ceremony & Pig Roast pics

Why would thirty-odd schooners give up the comforts and hospitality in Fell's Point year after year to drift, beat, smash, bash, pound, rock, roll and suffer other terrors for the length of the Chesapeake?

The Pig Roast!

This was the 17th GCBSR, and it keeps getting better. What a privilege to participate with so many dedicated volunteers and schooner folk!

This year, in their first contest, Pride of Baltimore II, with Jan Miles, sailed the 127 miles in 15:46:19, while Virginia, with Nick Alley, was close behind in 16:12:16. Details at www.schoonerrace.org.

The oyster connoisseur in the center is Terry Briggs, who leapt off Norfolk Rebel prior to the start, swam to the Committee Boat, and attempted to bribe them with a bottle of Captain Morgan. But, since Rebel diverted to aid a stricken racer (again), there was no penalty. Of course the committee had immediately accepted the bribe.

Joanna Josey, 2nd Mate, Virginia, Leslie Preston-Allen, Pride of Baltimore II, Rob James, Captain, Liberty Clipper and Nate Villaire, with the Bluenose II hat, Norfolk Rebel pin and Green Dragon shirt, supporting Ernestina

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