News from Alaska

I've been in touch with Phil Smith, who sends his best from Alaska to everyone. He's asked me to pass his news along, so I've copied his email and added it below.

Phil would love to hear from friends back here.


From: Phil Smith
To: Alex Rhinelander
Date: Oct 21, 2006 9:43 AM
Subject: Hi From Alaska

Thought I would check in and let you know we are still alive.
I have been busy building the house
I am now stacking the third tier of logs. 'tis pretty physical work as the logs t'ain't light. I have a few bruises.
weather is not co-operating --mostly rain every day , temperature still nice , in the 40s -50s. due to the rain i have had to resort to hand tools and working in the rain
I am still attempting to beat the weather and get to the roof , But That won't happen at this point given that snow usually arrives by Halloween.
I am currently taking a few days and playing at a resort in the mountains , Hey ya gotta play too.. thus the e-mail ,I am actually somewhere that has a connection. no connection at the home site no telephone service,not likely to get it this year from what they say. but the cel tel works.
We do finally have electricity,, and have running water we run and get it.
My days consist of getting up in the morn and getting all dressed up and going out in the rain to roll logs around the sub floor , chain saw them to size then chink between them, then stack them , then drill holes every four feet and fasten them together with 10 " lag bolts.. and then drill electric wire holes that match with holes in lower logs and then cut socket boxes into the we can get electricity to outlets etc when we get to that point.
I am definitely getting in shape rolling and lugging up to 16 ft Logs around .
Have enjoyed the last couple of days off hanging out in a nice luxury Hotel and doing lots of mountain Hiking on my own. they say its not a good idea to hike alone here duo to the bears but hey ya gotta die sometime .
it is really beautiful country. almost a rain forest with moss hanging from the huge spruce trees, lots of mushrooms lots of cute little squirrels that just sit on limbs just above my head and chew on spruce cones filling their cheeks with food to take home and store for the winter, I have seen lots of signs of moose but not seen one on the trail yet..and no bears thankfully.
The mountain tops do now have snow on them. and of course the Glaciers that are always here.

Hope all is well with you
Say Hi To all

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