Seeking Info on Schooner Isaih L. Jefferson

I purchased a hand made small coffee table with a slate top which has the plan and details of the sail, deck and hull of the Grand Banks Schooner Isaih L. Jefferson etched on the black slate top. Where can I obtain more informaton on this schooner?

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Dr Joe Goeppner

Isaih L. Jefferson

Dr. Joe,

If she was one of the 4000 ships built in Essex, MA, there's a good chance the Essex Shipbuilding Museum has information/plans/pictures of her. Send an email to our curator: and she may be able to help you. We are in the process of getting more of our archives digitized and online. Hopefully we can at least get a ship list online soon.


Schooner I.L. Jefferson

Many Thanks Rick - I am forwarding an email as I reply. Good Luck with your ship list,
Dr Joe

Isiah L. Jeferson Grand Banks Fisherman

I may have the same table. My parents bought it at a yard sale approximately 20 years ago. Black slate top, wooden cross leg bottom. My version says "Grand Banks Fisherman" not Schooner on it.
After doing some inquiring, it is thought that this may be a piece of "art" - a blueprint of a vessel that was perhaps never built.

Contact with

My mail administrator has returned my email to the above address as undeliverable. Could you verify this address - I am anxious to make that contact which you recommended,
Dr Joe

I.L. Jefferson

I looked at but did not find it under "Jefferson," "Isiah," or "Isaiah."

If you know the official # try

(largest Coast Guard facility in West Virginia; thanks, Senator Byrd!) says:


The "Merchant Vessels of the United States" (CG 408) lists the names of U.S. merchant and recreational vessels documented under the laws of the United States. It provides vessel dimensions, tonnage, build (if available), and ownership information. The last printed version was in 1994. This information is now available in an electronic format (CD ROM) through National Technical Information Services (NTIS), 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161. You can order the latest edition of Vol. 99-001 at a cost of $125.00 plus shipping and handling. Contact Single Issue Sales at: 800-553-6847 or you can place your order electronically at: http://WWW.NTIS.GOV and search for "Merchant Vessels of the United States."

Probably more than the table cost! Try your local Federal Depository Library (usually in a large academic library), or maybe the library at Mystic.

If you find it, let us know where!

Greg DeCowsky
Chair, Schooner CASHIER Restoration
Bayshore Discovery Project
Bivalve, NJ

I.L. Jefferson: US? Canadian?

If she's a Banks schooner she might be Canadian. I wonder if they have an equivalent website.

Greg DeCowsky
Chair, Schooner CASHIER Restoration
Bayshore Discovery Project
Bivalve, NJ

Corrected address

Dr Joe-

Try ''
Alex Rhinelander
Schooner COMET II

Jefferson Table Lamp

Hello. I also have the lamp described above and have never had any luck in tracing any info. Beautiful slate engraving of the Schooner. Has anyone any information? A clue is: closely inspect the ensign flying from the boom's topping lift.

Isiah L. Jefferson Table

I also have the same table, a walnut cross legged table with slate inserted. The slate seems to be a print slate. I have been researching but only found more people researching same schooner and / or table.Could you fine people post any info you have found on this Isiah L. Jefferson?

Isiah L. Jefferson

I own the same table. I have been trying to find out more about it for years. What I do know is that my father received it as a 'performace points award' from a catalog while working at a GM (General Motors, and it was brand new)car dealership back in the late 70's or early 80's. I have searched through most of the popular schooner registries and nothing comes up. (Ghost Ship?) The best I can figure is that she may have been contracted for build but the construction may have fell though. Hense the plans found their way into someone other than a boat builder. I would greatly appreciate more information on her. Oh, the top is not slate, it is a resign product similar to a fine grain conrete. And it was coated in a black polymer. What I would greatly appreciate is a kit of the same class of ship. I would like to build it for display on the table in my den...

Isiah L Jefferson table

I recently purchased an etching on black fiber material similar to those others. I am interested in building a table like those others but without plans or pictures I am 2 blocked. Would anyone out there have plans or pictures to share. Regards..Arnold

Isiah L. Jefferson table

Chuck Tribe

A few years ago, my wife and I bought a table like the ones described in the previous postings, at a second hand/antique store in Deerlodge, Montana.

Since the walnut cross-leg design doesn't fit our decor, I recently replaced it with a taller pine base that allows us to use it as a lamp table in our family room.

I have also wondered whether the "Grand Banks Fisherman", which is portrayed with a schooner rig, represented the plans of an actual boat or was done as a piece of art. I find it curious that there is no attribution of either the designer or artist.

Based on the note in the field of the ensign - "(45 stars)" - the boat would have been built(if in fact it ever was) after Utah became the 45th state in 1896 and before Oklahoma became a state in 1907.

Chuck Tribe