Schooner Race Rant

I was thinking of the Gloucester race. I know this might not be everyone's opinion, but as someone with a slower boat ----- 36' in a 45' class, I figure I don't have a chance in hell in a reach/reach race with no handicap. That is all about the start and boat speed with a mark rounding or two. I personally wouldn't mind having a short windward part of the course, since outfoxing someone is the only way I could win.
The classic courses included a windward, reach, and a downwind leg.

The only race Pagan Moon ever won was a handicap race in Newport in a race that took me 7 hours in light, fluky air and had 2 (of 3) windward legs. I had 8 minutes due to the handicap on a 45' boat and he only beat me by 7, so I won by 1 minute. I was late to the dinner but luckily I had my own "cocktails" and good company. I even tossed a few beers to the other boat as he passed me on the reach, since they were out. I gained on both windward legs and lost on the reach. I was the first boat of the day to start and the last to finish. I complained about the length of the race, but I have the trophy. I could give many details about the race, unlike the many races I lost. I don't have to be back at the dock by 2:30.