Sock Burning in Mystic - the real story

If this weather holds, spring will be well underway at the time of the Annual Meeting, so a rousing Chesapeake-style Sock Burning Party might be in order for the Gathering the evening of Feb 2nd. The parking lot of the Best Western, our host hotel, would be an ideal location.

The real story

We were advised, just in time, by alert Baltimorean Colleen Bell Donlin, that it's very bad luck to burn your socks before the Vernal Equinox. So, we moved inside for a Welcoming Party.

Mary Anne McQuillan, Al Roper, Sam Hoyt, Greg DeCowsky and Steve Briggs with musicians Joanne & Pete Souza from the Gloucester schooner Adventure

Paul Schaub, this year's GCBSR Chair from Fells Point YC, Dennis Berg, Commodore of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter and Darlene Alexander, FPYC Past Commodore.

Steve Briggs and Bill Comella stand watch over Fred Sterner's beer kegs. Linda Meakes was among the seven Fells Point YC folks in attendance who lent the club's well-travelled Pride banner.

Avoid trans fats, live longer
Eat oysters, love longer

Dogwatch appears pleased with this one. He is choosing between DelBays, Duxburys and Wellfleets. Click on the picture to note the eyes on the DelBays. Barnacle Biil from Cashier is doing what comes naturally.

Peter Thompson is briefed on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force by Mary Anne.

The Welcoming was in the Best Western's Boardroom. We had a few hundred slides going in the background, with some great coverage of the GCBSR and Nova Scotia Schooner Week.

The Best Western was refurbishing, so this is what happened to some guests that were late to register.

Saturday Night Live

The best deal is to stay over Saturday night for a quality gam with great people. The previous night was a bit hectic y'know. Here are the organizers of the Cambridge Schooner Event, Paula and Roger Worthington of Prom Queen. About a score of us had an excellent dinner at the Daniel Packer Tavern.

Mike and Linda Meakes of the fastest green schooner on the Chesapeake, the dreaded Farewell

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Sock Burning in Mystic

Al (Green Dragon)
I knew we could count on you to stir up a little excitement. Is the sock burning before or after the oyster shucking contest and the shanty sing?

Any news on the agenda or who the speaker is going to be?

Happy New Year to all


Oyster shucking contest

You Baltimoreans are way too experienced at oyster shucking for us New Englanders. So - Cape Cod oysters will again be provided to level the playing field.

You're going to be thrilled with the speaker, whose identity will be disclosed on this website very soon.

Oystah Shuckahs

By geez then we'll have to get there this year before them oystahs is all gone.


Green Dragon, do we still need to bring Delaware Bay arsters?

We're going to enter Barnacle Bill in the contest, he's an old shucker from way back.

I guess we'd better bring some tea (drudgeboat medicine) as well, for painkiller/antiseptic in case of self-inflicted wounds among the shuckers.

Greg DeCowsky
Chair, Schooner CASHIER Restoration
Bayshore Discovery Project
Bivalve, NJ

Call 'em as you like, the're still crassostrea virginicas

Greg - you and Barnacle Bill know the drill: Bring a plentiful ration of medicinal tea and your knives. We'll have a couple hundred Wellfleets, as we did last year. This number seemed adequate even though you and BB each slurped several dozen. Some DelBays would be good as long you drudge 'em under sail.