Wooden Masts

As Promised an e-mail from Bjorn

Hello Peter,

As you might remember, I am very interested in the Alden schooners. Indeed, I am now in charge of the restoration of a 90 feet Alden designed schooner hull in the Caribbean, in Trinidad and Tobago. The vessel has been rigged as a ketch until now, and we have just taken off this rig last week. We would like to find somebody interested in this rig, since it is still a wonderful
rig: two wooden masts, in sitka spruce, in very good shape (I only found one spot of rot under the lower spreaders of the main). I think it is not worth to destroy these masts, because they can be used on whatever other big boat, modern or old. They are hollow and have a streamline-form (they are not round, as the most classic masts are, but oval or elliptical). They were built in 1959 in France. The main mast is approx. 100 feet long, and the mizzen is around 2/3 of the main mast. There are also the booms available, and eventually also the sails and other hardware.

I would be grateful if you could put this information into your web site of the ASA. Maybe someone here in the US or the Caribbean is interested in a really unusual opportunity to get such a wonderful rig for this boat, and so he might can use this rig. You can also publish my telephone number, which is 617 820 1909.

Hope everything is fine with you and your own wonderful boat, the Blackbird.

Kind regards,


have you still got this rigging.........mast booms and such?