Galvanized Windlass

I've been looking everywhere for an old galvanized traditional horizontal windlass without any luck. I want the type found on old fishing schooners (and originally on my boat). I can have a new bronze one built for a (not-so) small fortune, but I've gotta believe that there is an old galvanized one out there some where that is just right for me. I need one for 5/16th or 3/8th chain for 43' boat. I'd really appreciate any leads. Thanks,

Jim Bregman
Schooner Splendid

Source for galvanized gypsy windlass

Jim, Lunenburg Foundry builds them in several sizes. You can treat Splendid to a new one.


Jim -

Perhaps you should try to track down what's left of Alden 309 Niliraga, she was in Brewer Maine in the 1990's falling apart in field, Ralph Stanley might know where she is or perhaps Neils. Somebody was supposedly going to restore her. If that plan did't fly, there could be an original windlass and binnacle with White compass, and spars etc for the right price. I also have a bronze electric windlass (steel housing)for rope and chain I might consider giving up for free to you for another 309 if Sandy doesn't think we'll ever need it.

Jim, we have done the math and are following your lead. When Blackbird is done and in the water we are going to sell the house and invest the proceeds and go sailing. If we only sail for 3-5 years I will have to go back to work after building the house in STX. If we sail for 7 years, I can build the house and retire. Tough choice. Not owning a house in Maine- Priceless.

We should plan on some cruise in company,w/ the two 309's. Our home port will be STX.



Peter, Thanks for the tip, I will follow up on it. I'm excited to hear your plans and can't wait to share an anchorage with you.