Gaff Mainsail For Sale

This sail was built for the Bob Prothero-designed and -built 65' Schooner "Alcyone" of Port Townsend. A mismeasurement on the throat-to-clew diagonal dropped the boom to the boom crutch!

The sail is beautiful as you can see from the pictures. All traditional in its finishing: hand sewn boltropes, rat tails, hand sewn rings, cringles, etc. It sets beautifully but is just a bit too long for their boat.

The sail is built out of 10.46 oz. Contender Low Aspect Dacron cloth: a high quality, premium cloth. 2 Reefs, 4 Battens. Has hand sewn eyelets for lacing along Luff and Foot.

Sean is asking $5000.00. The sail is just over 1000 sq. ft. This cost is about half of what it would sell retail. It has never been used except for the day it was bent on in the picture. Sean would like it to go to a good home, thus the reduced price.

Sean Rankins
Northwest Sails
1238 Blaine St.
Port Townsend WA. 98368
PH: 360-385-7141 (loft)

asking price

I was wondering if you could be more clear about your asking price because it could be $5,000 or 500,000.


1) If you have questions, I'd suggest you call the provided phone number.
2) Don't expect much, this ad was posted 5 years ago!