Saltwind / Delight Alden 275B

Aux Centerboard Schooner with Squaresail. Built in 1926 by Henry Stowman in NJ for an L.W. Fogg in North Hampton NH. She appears to be a stretched version of what was latter the 309.

All of her hardware is present, even spare bronze winches and oval shaped porthole screens! She is now at home in KY for rebuild.

Spoke to Ridge over at Robert E. White instuments, Boston, said this compass built by his grandfather's company, Kelvin White. I will have him refurb this fine old compass. The skylight tall binnacle is "John Bliss & Co" #1260, from the same era, 1925/26.

Update; a daughter of former owner, John Bruns Blouin, sent me several photos and stories of their happy days aboard Saltwind during the 1960's near New Orleans/ Gulf sailing.
Anyone with info about Saltwind welcome to email or call; rjahn(at)windstream(dot)net 606-796-2660




John Bliss & Co binnacle
Kelvin White Compass #C575




Me at the helm of Hindu...too cool
Saltwind on Lake Pontchartain 60's

Saltwind on Lake Pontchartain in the 1960's, owner;John Bruns Blouin, courtesy, Betsy Blouin

Saltwind at Thibodaux
SALTWIND from the early 60's at a Bayouside Park in Thibodaux, drying out the sails

Saltwind in Pensecola FL?
Saltwind in 1975 Pensecola FL, new sails on new rebuild, owner Marshall Chapman / Carol Mahoney crew, Vickie Wicks friend.

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Bought Saltwind a trailer, now to get her home

Hope to have her in KY and under roof by March. Plenty of labor and white oak here.


I have the history to part of the 70s
Robert Leffew

Past owners and history page lost, need contributors to recreate

Some time in the past 4 months, the child page titled "Past owners and History" got ate by a troll.  I need help reconstructing that page from the folks who emailed me with their stories of Saltwind. thanks, Roger