Room Rate Revision

I received a call from the Mystic Best Western, saying that they have dropped their room rates since we arranged the ASA discount, and that any ASA folk who reserved rooms at the old rate ($99/night) should contact the front desk at 860-536-4281 and request the new rate ($79 Friday, $89 Saturday).

See you all soon!

Room availabiltity - update Jan 15th

January 15th PM update - 5 rooms available at the ASA rate Friday Feb. 1st and 5 for Saturday. The hotel actually can make more rooms available to us, but if you wait until the last minute you won't get the discounted rate.

If you can manage the time, come to this meeting early and stay late. There are so many interesting people and topics of mutual interest you will regret leaving, no matter how long you stay. Friday night is always the busiest, and can be a little crazy, when you first meet up with so many folks. If you can stay over Saturday, you'll get to know people better, which to me is the greatest reward of ASA participation.