Green Dragon et al or Al...your vocal chords in shape?

OK...looks like we'll be on the road heading to the Mystic ASA pre-meeting on Friday evening. Good time last year. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Sam....hope you got your vocal chords all lubed up. I heard that you and Al are planning a that really true? You picked a really tough partner to sing a song with. Al can't carry a tune let alone a tuna in a bucket!!! See you all soon.
Peter and Joanne

Oh sweet music

Good news that you talented musicians are returning to provide another merry evening!

We are anticipating spirited discussions in the Oyster Suite, where we're expecting a crowd from Bivalve and Shellpile who claim their state had the first Camden, Gloucester and Salem, and at one time, the largest schooner fleet in the world. If things get too boisterous, we'll ease them over to your Music Suite to be soothed.

I will moderate my vocals if you bring some of that delicious salt cod you found wedged under the fish hold ceiling during Adventure's restoration.

If I arrive late

Green Dragon - I may have to be in TN Friday and if I can fly in to the gathering late I will. If I'm in so late as to miss the festivities please slide a few orsters under me door, or leave 'em at the front desk so I have something good to get me started in the morning for breakfast besides a shot of moxie, you know the breakfast buffet, so you know what I mean

Work is the curse of the schooner class

Blackbird, it's a pity that you will be detained, but rest assured, the Official Soft Drink of your home state will be in good supply, for we have no indication yet that any of your neighbors are coming. I've been spending a lot of time in TN myself - maybe we can get a chapter going there. You can't beat TN breakfast sausage, and their music is nearly as good as you'll find in our group. Keep clear of the 'shine unless you know who made it.

what is all this talk of oysters and Moxie??

I'm not sure what you all are talking about... Moxie and oysters for breakfast.

We civilized folk on the Chesapeake enjoy Natty Boh with our oysters (and crabs of course). Yes, and sometimes we even have them for breakfast! But oysters and Moxie sounds like a scarey combination (can't say I've ever had Moxie).

Thanks Al for always teaching me something new. Our small but lively contingent from Baltimore will see you on Friday evening for the good company, a few beverages and some of those amazing oysters ( I think I'll need to taste test again... just can't decide which ones I like the best).

Can't wait to see you all again

HI Nan- Can't wait to see you all again. According to rural legend Moxie is so potent, if properly consumed, it can miraculously erase the discomforting effects of excess demon rum (or any other spirit) with just one shot in the morning, but its taste is so nasty you have to chase it down with something good, and that's where those delicious orsters come in! Now Green Dragon has been tacking about with this same bottle of Moxie for almost two years, and he plans on fetching it up at the meeting this year. Since he can't seem to attract any true Mainer's with this bait, we just may have to find ways to put it to good use.

see you there


And here I was, thinking Moxie was nothing more than a three-hulled, one-masted sailboat--and therefore had no place in such company as ours!!!
Alex Rhinelander
Schooner COMET II

Only Cashier is older than Moxie

If you peruse the internet you will see that Moxie was amongst the first carbonated beverages to be sold. Starting in 1884, and I don't know where you'll find a schooner that old, except for Cashier. And about her I'll say "Let's get her drudgin oysters again, masts or not. With that 2 kt tide in the Delaware she can just drift back and forth. Won't need wind or fuel."

Getting back to the Official Soft Drink of Maine, foreigners (meaning non-New Englanders) may want to look at Moxie

Moxie- Fact or Fiction?

All this talk of Moxie has me curious. I checked some websites, one said;
"For those without access to Moxie, the flavor can be approximated (and adjusted to taste) by adding Angostura bitters to root beer."

I guess I'll drag Darlene down to Fells Point a bit later, I'm sure we'll find some there. If you drink it, you can find it in Fells Point.



When you complete your survey of Fells Point please check in again. Somewhere amongst those 60 pubs in seven blocks you may find Moxie. If not, here's how to do the approximation with bitters: keep adding the Angostura drop-by-drop until you reach your PBL (personal bitterness limit, or yuk threshold.) Then empty the remaining contents of the bottle into your root beer.

Official Soft Drink of...

I hear that Moxie is the official soft drink of Maine. Is Natty Boh the official soft drink of Baltimore?
By The way: the annual meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter is going to be held on March 11, 2008, 10AM - 1PM in St. Michael, MD. If you're not a member yet... why not?

Darlene Alexander

Back to the music

This topic is getting a bit crossthreaded with all the talk about Moxie and such. It's supposed to be about music, and we'd like to hear from some more real musicians, especially anyone who can do that old and very popular "Moxie One Step".

In conjunction with the featured food theme in the adjacent suite we're putting out a call for a performing artist skilled with "The Oyster Shimmy". If no ASA member steps forward, guest performer(s) will be welcome.

What's a hog-eye?

Looking forward to a good shanty session. I have learned several new (to me) bawdy shanties, which I will be happy to NOT sing in return for a sizable donation to CASHIER.

"She was the parson's daughter, with red and rosy cheeks...."

And if you have LOTS of $ to contribute, you can hire Barnacle Bill to not sing "The Big Friggin' Wheel."

Greg DeCowsky
Chair, Schooner CASHIER Restoration
Bayshore Discovery Project
Bivalve, NJ

Naughty shanties

And you KNOW that I can sing ALL of the verses of "Barnacle Bill the sailor man". How do you think I got my knickname?


What we need is a good Shanty song book. Anyone have their copy from the schooner race to bring with them to Mystic?
I believe the words are there to Bell Bottomed Trousers, one of my favorites. Then there is Fire Ship. Another good one.

Warming Up...

You are being too modest. Bribe you not to sing? That is absolutely unnecessary. I'm not sure about BarnacleBill, but I know Greg sounds pretty good after a few pints.
I'll try to have one or two before you guys arrive.

'The more I drink the better I sound.'

This is getting out of hand

Y'know, there are some superb musicians in our group, and some of us might prefer to listen to them. Not to offend, but would you mix Moxie with fine single malt? So, if you are an aspiring vocalist, please report immediately to "Auditions" after checking in. Applicants will be divided into selects, who will be invited to accompany the musicians, and others who will be asked to rest their vocal chords until the after-hours fun begins.

On a slightly different note, we have finally located the music to that old classic, "The Oyster Shimmy", which has no words. The search for a suitable performance artist is still underway.

eschew elitism (somewhat, but not entirely, tongue in cheek)

No insult intended, to "real" musicians, or others; as far as I'm concerned we all have an equal right to express ourselves, and anyone who wants to be is a "real" musician, so I think we are grown up enough to take turns, but...

I am unable to find authorization for such an "Auditions" procedure in the ASA constitution and bylaws. Therefore I consider it my duty to disregard it, or better yet, to sabotage such arrogation of authority if possible.

The object of shantying is NOT to sing sweetly or pleasantly. It is to facilitate getting work done, usually under adverse conditions. This requires being LOUD, and to some extent singing in rhythm; melody and harmony don't enter into it. Being funny or bawdy helps, though, because it makes it more likely that people working with you will sing along and help keep the rhythm.

No one would ever confuse Stan Hugill with, say, Enrico Caruso or Joni Mitchell. The most brilliantly performed aria will not get that jibsheet hauled aft in a blow or the anchor up any faster (though a strongly rendered "Pave Paradise, Put Up a Parking Lot" might just make the nut).

Therefore, I reject the shocking and divisive elitism that categorizes a person's value to the company based on some abstract, lubberly criterion of "musicianship." This has no business in such a proudly disreputable and iconoclastic organization as ASA. I say, let the people who think they are musically superior to the rest of us find their own party, or perhaps a chamber music recital.

If this offends the majority of you, please let me know now, and I'll save my money and stay home.

I know that I am not a "superb musician." I may be a lousy singer, but there are more of me than there are of them. I am going to sing (for example) "Johnny Come Down to Hilo" as it deserves to be sung, to the best of my ability, as it should be sung on the deck of a schooner, not as it would be sung by Pavarotti at Carnegie Hall... and I am not bringing my tuning fork with me! If you don't want me to open my mouth, than your best recourse is to keep it filled with oysters and beer, so I don't have a chance.... And besides, I still need to raise $1,000,000 for CASHIER somehow.

"'You're a liar,' said the last one, 'mine's the biggest of all: the fleet sailed in on the first of June and didn't come back 'til fall.'"


PS Paul, thanks for the kind words... though I think you meant that I sound better the more YOU drink (though both might be true). (If you don't like my singing, you are not drinking enough, LOL.)

I might also add, that shanties generally sound better and provide more enjoyment to the people singing along than they do to people who stand by waiting to be entertained by others. There are no innocent bystanders at a shanty session. If you are a bystander, you are not innocent.

DISCLAIMER: The above probably does not represent the opinion of the Bayshore Discovery Project or its management.

Amicable settlement worked out

In rereading the post that set Greg off I now see that I have failed as a humorist. He thought I was trying to organize things. Not on your life. I held off joining ASA for years, until I realized that it was an organization of anti-organization people.

Greg, Paul and I have worked out terms to settle this misunderstanding. Paul is arranging for a prominent berth at the Broadway Pier, and Green Dragon, newly-repowered with a 29 HP DIESEL (no more gas) will stop off in Bivalve enroute to the GCBSR and tow Cashier to Baltimore.

GREEN DRAGON as the world's largest push boat?

... and we can hang a couple of dredges off CASHIER as we tow up Delaware Bay.

Off to buy a shipload of duct tape for the trip,

Hark, the call of a Pirate!

I can't say as I've had the (pleasure,or miss-fortune)to first hear and then to, (not judge, as I am not the judging kind), opine upon your vocal musicianship. I can however comment on your rant here-in: Most entertaining! Perhaps you should consider setting portions, (particularly the more evocative) to a tune. That would be the "traditional" way. After all, let's face it, you have identified the historical roots of both the Sea Chanty and Rap.. lets combine them into what we could all appropriately call: "Pirate Rap"! As Jim Cassidy who was an early adapter, and even may be the origin of the this common roots theme would likely enjoin: Rap-on Bro!