Flag: US
Homeport:to be determined
Rig: Marconi/gaff Schooner
LOA: 45 ft
LOD: 39ft 7"
LWL: 28 ft 7"
Beam: 10 ft
Draft: 5 ft 5"
Sail Area: 759.9 Square Feet
Built / Launched: SC Mason Boatyard - Big Tancook Island, Nova Scotia - 1929
Major Rebuilds in 1949, 1995 and 2006/2007
Designer / Builder: Stanley Mason

The AIRLIE is a Tancook schooner designed and built in 1929 as a center board schooner by Stanley Mason at S.C. Mason boatyard, Big Tancook Island, Nova Scotia. AIRLIE, originally named Green Bow 2, was built for sword fishing. Wayne M. O’Leary, in his book, The Tancook Schooner: An Island and Its Boats describes Green Bow 2 as, “the last true Tancook schooner built.”

In 1949, Howard Mason ( Stanley's son )rebuilt her as a keel schooner yacht, slightly lengthening her bow and stern. Again, in 1995 and 2007 the hull was totally rebuilt, along with a new oak keel, a new deck, new wiring and keel bolts. This work was undertaken at the Gifford Island boatyard of Clarence R. Heisler and Son, Indian Point, Mahone Bay.
Airlie is presently owned by James A. M. Johnston who is currently residingin Mystic until early spring. At which time, he will head out to places known and unknown.
Will be back for the 2008 Wooden Boat Show, however.

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Welcome, Jamie, to the ASA, and congratulations! Airlie is a gem of a schooner, well worth extraordinary love and care, and I'm happy that she finds herself in good hands. Catherine and I shopped a (large) number of schooners before buying Comet II, and the one that we found the hardest to pass on was Airlie. She is a real lady, and she won our hearts. We were not in a position at the time to give her the care she needed and deserved, though, so we had to leave her waiting and longing for an owner who would do right by her. I look forward to visiting her and, I hope, even getting aboard for a sail!



Alex.. It did take a year to get her back to an even keel. Now just a few rigging changes and the usual. But she is a wooden boat and I too fell in love with her the first time I saw her...