Maine Boatbuilders Show

Sam Hoyt stands watch in the ASA booth at the Maine Boatbulders Show. He was assisted by members from BLACKBIRD, COMET II, ERNESTINA, GREEN DRAGON, HERON, PAGAN MOON & VOYAGER. The show attracted more than 5,000 visitors.

We welcomed new members and caught up with old ones. There was a good deal of interest in the status of the old timers: ADVENTURE, AJ MEERWALD, CASHIER, ERNESTINA & MARTHA.

Following a tradition, BLACKBIRD'S crew again provided food,spirits and great company Friday night at their home in Freeport. On Saturday night eighteen of us managed to find a semi-peaceful corner at Ri Ra's Irish Pub during the St. Patrick's Day madness.

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Glad you all had a good time. Tried to fit a trip to ME. into my plans but it didn't work out that way.