Mast and Spar Manufacturers

Looking for recommendations on the best place to obtain new mast and other spars for a 62ft schooner

Mast and spar makers

If you are looking for yacht quality spars try Gannon and Benjamin Marine Railway on Martha's Vineyard 508-693-4658 or Traditional Boat Works in San Diego, CA 619-542-1229. Both do fine work and both can access excellent bronze hardware (or galvanized iron work) or fabricate patterns and hardware. If you want spars that are more traditional -- that is in the Alden schooners that are based on work boat designs -- they can do them too. You will need to specify the quality that you want and whether you want hollow (staved) masts or solid spars.

Foxfire Marine Consulting

Salvaged Mast and Rigging

If you are looking for a 54' mast complete with rigging please contact me.

Salvaged Masts and rigging

Can you supply me with more information as to the mast and rigging? What type of vessel did it come off of? Do you have any photo's? Where is it located?

Thanks, Jon

54' Mast

i have a 42'casey ketch 1931 and i need two masts and rigging. The main mast is 54' tall and 8" round at the keel i would also be interested in the above mentioned mast if the deminsions match.
Let me know.