tacking angles

I have a little gaff schooner, Perovia II, which I race on Wed. nights in phrf. I am curious about tacking angles of other schooners, as I have difficulty tacking through much less than 105 degrees on a regular basis. Any info greatly appreciated: jbarach@cox.net

Tacking angle

Jeff, I think 105 degrees is very respectable and you could outpoint most gaff schooners. Too bad you don't have any rival schooners in your fleet. That big jib surely makes a difference.

[Original post by Sch Green Dragon at 2008-06-07 12:05]


Jeffrey Barach
Thanks very much for the comment. I am trying to have my sailmaker put the genoa on a roller, because changing jibs on a sprit in stormy weather is no fun. He's very busy, unfortunately.


Yeah, 105 is about all, maybe 100, my small schooner can do. It depends on how many headsails I have out and how tight the slot is between the staysail and foresail.

We're trying to get both of our sails out on the bowsprit roller-furled, as most of the regular crew are not the spry light things we once were. It won't help with the tacking, but it might get us to fly the jib and yankee more often since they'll be easier to fly and stow.

-Kristofer (of Sch Jacob Jones)