Comet II in New England

Comet II entering Halifax by MQRhinelanderCatherine and I are seriously considering bringing Comet II down to New England after the conclusion of the NSSA Race Week in Shelburne (mid-August). We'd probably head to Portland for a bit, then down to Gloucester for the Schooner Festival, and then look for somewhere as close as possible to our home in Easton, MA to keep her for the fall sailing season. Given the geography somewhere in Buzzard's or Narraganset Bays would probably make the most sense. We'd also need a winter storage solution (we'd consider in-water, hauled at a marina, or trucked to our home). We'd be heading back up to NS next June, so we wouldn't be looking for a year-round solution (though if this worked well enough I could see it becoming something of a regular pattern: NS summers, NE rest of the year).

Any suggestions for a safe, reasonably-priced, wooden-boat-friendly late-and-early-season sailing base and/or winter storage would be most appreciated!


Comet staying put :-(

Sorry for the false alarm, but we're not ready this year to bring C2 down states-side. Maybe next year...
Alex Rhinelander
Schooner COMET II

Re: Staying put - and your mooring in Gloucester

Alex, we were really looking forward to seeing Comet II up here to the west'rd. I even had a mooring saved for you at the Gloucester Schooner Festival. Surely hope to see you here next year.

If there is another schooner out there needing a mooring in Gloucester's inner harbor August 29-31 --- get in touch with me.

Al Bezanson