Own your own pirate ship? Not a schooner but still pretty cool, in a retro sort of way

No, not *that* BLACK PEARL. Nor the other one, neither. But yet a third...


Imagine, "sheathing impregnated by hot blood from oxen"! You just don't see that kind of craftsmanship any more. "6 bronze functional canons"! I wonder if Pachelbel's is one of them. A "main pole" (is that supposed to be "Maine Pole"?) and a "standby pole" (Joseph Conrad?).

A snip at $1.25 mil. You could pay for it in just one raid on Port Royal. Or maybe Dubai. Or Mystic. Now if only Barnacle Bill would lend me his Letter of Marque for a few weeks....

Cap'n Slash

Pirate ship

You had to make me look, didn't you? It's like one of those Kiddie Pirate boats on steroids. But for $1.2M they sure as heck better include the engine, especially in Honduras... where they need all the power they can get to run their *booty of illicit software*...

Should they be so bold as to attempt boarding, six cannons should prove their worth against those copyright and intellectual property brigands!