Safety Under the Bowsprit

Does anyone know of a source of heavy good quality netting that could be adapted as a child safety net for use under a bow sprit? Typical configuration, 7 foot long sprit, wiskers stays, need to keep access for bow rollers on sprit etc

Thanks Blackbird

Bowsprit netting

I believe Hamilton Marine has suitable netting.

Another interesting thread developing ?

I put a request out there for netting to help a non-member schooner owner who is thinking of joining. In response we now have been introduced to a former schooner owner looking for news of the vessel he originally owned and had built. Fantastic. Maybe the boat sailed in the GCBSR last year or its whereabouts is known to members of the Mid Atlantic Chapter.


Take a look at I have purchased a bit of tarred nylon seine twine from them and it is pretty nice stuff. They have what looks like a good assortment of netting, some of which I'm sure would work.

Paul Gray
Schooner Quintessence

bowsprit netting

Any net loft will have lots of used fish netting of various sizes. We get it free and use it for all sorts of thing, including garden fencing.

P.S. I am not an ASA member, therefore cannot post a new topic on yhe forum. I am looking for the current owners of a Colvin pinky formerly owned by ASA members Penny and Bill Round. I understand she was sold to new owners in the Chesapeak Bay area. I am the original owner of this vessel, whose original name was A.E. Huston. Her hull bas built by Fred (James) McConnell, my former brother-in-law. His Sister and I then built her up from bare hull. Can anyone put me in touch with the current owners? I believe I can supply a lot of information regarding her history that seems now lost.


Jack Wills
Whaletown, Cortes Island.


Find a shrimp boat dock and ask if you can salvage some of their old nets. I did this in Port Canaveral, FL for my schooners "Wanderer" and "Wind Rose".

Best regards, Capt. Buzz