Commodore's Comments

Commodore’s Comments
ASA Mid-Atlantic Chapter
June, 2009

Somehow, time seems to escape me this spring. The dock lines on Prom Queen haven't moved since last October! So, I am late with this update as to what is happening with ASA Mid Atlantic Chapter.

The Cambridge Schooner Rendezvous is on track for this October 24 – 26, 2009 (we are on the web, just click on Cambridge Schooner Rendezvous to view the coming attractions).

Candy and Stan Rabbit have done an outstanding job for ASA and this event. They own a forty foot sail boat that needs some work to get her in the water and sailing. If any of our members would like to lend them a hand I am sure they would appreciate it. Good folks indeed!

I was talking with Darlene Alexander and Paul Schaub (schooner Celebration) about having an ASA Mid Atlantic informal gathering with as many boats as possible somewhere on the Bay this July. Darlene suggested I just pick a date and place and sort of "pot luck", but it would really help if I could get some response from you folks to see where the best place would be. St Michael’s Maritime Museum would be my suggestion. I don't know how long it has been since we have had an informal raft up, but I do think it is long overdue.

John Moreshead and Dennis Berg, long standing members, will be attending the classic wooden powerboat meet in St Micheals this Saturday the June 20th. I am also planning to drive (ugh!) over there to give some support, and admire those beautiful boats. Paula and I just happen to own a 56 Chris Craft barrel back that we are trying to figure out how to convert to a schooner rig and are asking for any suggestions, so my motivation to attend this event is two fold!

The schooner Peacemaker visited Long Wharf this spring. A very unusual wooden vessel built in South America ( check out Schooner Peacemaker for all the details and photos). Gerry and Greg (famous crew members from Prom Queen) accompanied Peacemaker from Norfolk all the way to Cambridge having first met the vessel in Charlestown, SC. Peacemaker has also expressed an interest in competing in this years Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race.

That’s about it for now. Remember to and try to give some feedback as to the get together in July as soon as possible.
So long from your faithful Commodore and Captain of Schooner Prom Queen, Roger Worthington

Chesapeake Bay Summer Round Up

If anyone in the Chesapeake Bay region is interested in getting together in St. Michael for an impromptu raft-up/round up, please contact Capt. Roger Worthington,MAC Commodore, at
or me at
We are hoping for the third week of July, but we can be flexible.

Darlene Alexander, MAC Secretary