Saltwind gutting started..lots of pics..positive comments solicited..

For those of you who embraced me early on (Blackbird) and tossed me much needed encouragement, I post photos of the arrival and beginning of the "work" on the restoration page at Saltwind.

There were lots (pickup truck full) of plywood and formica "improvements" which may have served well at the slip, but had to go in the interest of serious cruising. Anyway, they were in the way. Now I am down to mostly well built items, some of which are surely original, though modified.

My intention is to pack it all out, preserve it, while we get the keel-timber, deadwoods, frames and planking sorted out. Is there soft wood? Are there many old repairs? Any worm holes, loose planks, mixed fasteners? Does a bear shite in the woods?

I will be looking for a sensible cruising interior layout that fits us..meanwhile, keep discouraging remarks at home and keep the "atta-boys" comin!

Interior plans

You might check with Neils who now hold the rights to the Alden plans and purchase and compare some of the gally aft and galley forward stock plans for similar sized vessels to give you some ideas. I prefer the galley forward as it allows a more open main saloon.